Dear Parents, 

Winter has been a challenge this year with all of the storms causing many snow days in the months of January and February. After exceeding the six days built into the school year, it was necessary for the school to apply for a waiver to ask for three additional days to be forgiven. This request was granted by the Michigan Department of Education for Hillsdale Prep late last week! 

After scheduling February 15th as an instructional day, the school is left with two days to make up. These days will be made up in the following ways:

*March 11th will now be a full day of school for students. 

*June 6th will be a full day of school, instead of being the last day.

*There will be school on June 7th

Any additional snow days accumulated from this point on will be made up by adding days to the end of the school year. Until winter weather is out of our view, we will not be able to determine a definitive end date for the 2018-19 school year. Once we are able to make that determination, you will be notified and the last day of school will be scheduled as a half day. 

Thank you for your flexibility and cooperation. Please contact me with any questions. 


Annie Fowler