October 14th, 2022

Patriot Parents,

Thank you so much for your ongoing flexibility in regard to daily arrival and dismissal procedures.  We would like to take this opportunity to update you on the front driveway conditions and continued plans for drop of and pick up of students.  

Prior to the installation of the wheelchair ramp and sidewalk, Hillsdale Prep’s front driveway had sections that would collect water during rainstorms.  This was a minor concern at the time because the water would quickly drain due to the slope and ability to drain into the grass, leaving only small puddles.  When the sidewalk was installed, we knew that it would result in water pooling in a large section of the driveway when it rains.  The water sometimes remains on the driveway for several days, depending on the intensity of the rainfall.  This is the reason that we have not reopened our front driveway.  

Since the completion of the ramp and sidewalk, Hillsdale Prep has been working behind the scenes to gather estimates and recommendations for how to permanently fix the front driveway and address the drainage problem.  The process of gathering these recommendations has taken much longer than we had hoped because contractors in the area are extremely busy and this project is large.  This means that it cannot be rushed or squeezed in.

We have received recommendations to tear up the existing asphalt,  install a drainage system and repave the entire front driveway.  We have received board approval and will move forward with the project.  Unfortunately, we do not have a timeline for when the project will begin or be completed.  We are not only waiting for the contractor’s availability, but also up against the potential closing of asphalt mills due to cooler temperatures. When we know a beginning date, we will communicate that to families.

In the meantime, the current arrival and dismissal procedures will remain in place.  Although a staff member is not always available to stand outside during arrival, the back door is opened at 7:30am.  If the door is open, students may enter and office staff are available inside to monitor students.  From 7:30-7:50am, all students should enter the main building and wait in the hallway to be dismissed to class.  Starting at 7:50am, students can go directly to their classrooms where their teachers are waiting for them.  Please make note of the time that you arrive so that your child goes to the correct place.  This especially applies to students in grades 5-8 who have classrooms in the middle school building.  

Dismissal will take place in the rear parking lot as it has since the first day of school with staff walking students to cars.  Dismissal is from 3:15-3:45.  

Parents who drop students off after 8:15am or pick up before 3:15 may call the office and make arrangements to use the front driveway until the work begins.  We ask that you continue not to drive on the dirt section directly next to the sidewalk.  

We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we work through this project. Please contact the office with questions.