Dear HPS Parents, 

Students have been working very hard to prepare for the Annual Christmas Program. I am very excited for everyone to join us Thursday, December 20th at 6:30. Students PLEASE ARRIVE BY 6 PM. There will be designated classrooms for each class to meet. Teachers will be in the room with them to assist with lineup. Students will sit with their teachers in a designated area in the gym while they are waiting to perform. Once they exit the "stage", they will be seated in a row of chairs on the side of the gym. You may quietly and discretely get your child from that seating area during the next song and have them sit with you during the rest of the program if you wish. If you do not get them from that area during the next song, your child will remain with their teacher in their grade's designated area in the gym until the end of the program. This has been set up to allow for minimum movement and disruptions while other classes perform. Please follow the procedures outlined above to ensure that everyone can enjoy their child's moment on stage. 

No child will be able to leave their teacher without someone picking them up. Please do not expect teachers to send your child to you at your seat or to find you at the end of the program. Teachers will remain with students in the designated areas until you come to that area to get them. 

Reminder of Dress Code: Christmas attire and colors Red, Green, Black and/or White. Please wear proper shoes. No snow boots or gym shoes please! Tennis shoes may be worn if black or of dark color and clean. You may wear festive clothing. However, any attire with wording must be approved by December 18th. 

We are also looking for volunteers to help with program set up and tear down. Set up will begin Thursday, December 20th around 12:30 pm. Any help would be appreciated! 

A dress rehearsal will take place on December 20th at 2:00 pm. In an attempt to alleviate over-crowding, we would like to invite extended family to attend the dress rehearsal during the day. Please keep in mind that the goal is to provide an alternative time for family members to see the show, not for large groups to attend both times. Students should still attend the formal performance at 6:30, even if they have guests at the dress rehearsal. *If your child will be unable to attend the formal performance, please let me know by December 18th so that appropriate adjustments can be made. 

For any questions or volunteer sign up please call the office or email me at


Bethany Field