January was a blast! We had all had so much fun with spirit week and loved seeing everyone's crazy outfits! Just in case you missed it we’ll give you all the scores and winners.

On Monday we had crazy hair day which Heidi from 1st grade took 1st place. Our two runner-ups for Monday were Karina from 4th and Elyse from 2nd/3rd. They sure had some crazy hair!

Tuesday was crazy hat and sunglasses day! Ellie from 2nd/3rd grade won with hat of a flying pig! Kelton from 4th and Nevaeh from 5th were runner-ups.

Wednesday was team day, lots of people really showed their spirit! In first place we had Irene from kindergarten as a cheerleader and our two runner-ups were Mikey from 5th grade and Leyla from 7th/8th.

Thursday was career day and everyone at school looked they should have been at work! In first place we had Haisley from 6th grade as a doctor and Toby from 7th/8th grade as a soldier. Our runner-up for that day was Jojo from 1st grade.

Friday was clash day and no ones clothes even close to matched! Our 1st place winners once again tied. Zoe from 3rd grade and Madison from 5th won for craziest outfits. Elizabeth from 7th/8th grade was the runner-up. This was the last day of our spirit week and great way to finish it off.

We had a three way tie with Mrs. Russell’s, Mr. Fowler and Mr. Trumble’s class for 2nd. In first place was Mrs.Kuenzer’s class who will celebrate later next week. Spirit week was a great success and everyone had lots of fun! We hope to do it again in the future.

For February student council will have candy grams available till the 9th and will also be selling candy at the Parent Council snowball dance. Their will be a casual day on Valentines day for $1 and Student council has lots of planning to do for the science fair and a future dance.