Starting on the 29th of January, Student Council will be hosting a spirit week. On Monday, January 29th, students are allowed to have crazy hair you may have hair dye or spray if it is temporary and will be out by next Monday. On Tuesday, January 30th, It is Crazy Hat/Sunglasses Day. Students can wear a hat of many colors and/or goofy sunglasses. Wednesday, January 31st, it is Team Day students can wear clothing representing their favorite team. On Thursday, February 1st, it is Career Day students can dress up as an identifiable career of their choosing. Finally, to conclude our Spirit Week, on Friday February 2nd, we will have a Clash Day on Clash Day students can wear clothing that will “clash”. For example, a polka dotted shirt and a plaid skirt.

Students may wear casual clothes ONLY if they actually participate in the specific days. Casual clothes must be school appropriate and are not allowed if the student isn’t participating in the Spirit Week. If not participating, please wear uniform. The teachers will be helping out scoring. Teachers can participate. Students will be scored by the most effort, participation, realistic, crazy, and most spirited. If 90% or more of a class participate, you will get 25 points, 75% gets 20 points, 50% gets 15 points, 25% gets 10 points. There will be a winner every day. The Winner of a day will get 25 points for the class and the runner-up gets 15 points.The class with the most points wins root beer floats. This will be our last day of Spirit Week and we hope you enjoy it.

Sincerely, Student Council

We can’t wait to see you show your school spirit and creativity! Go Patriots!!