Hillsdale Preparatory School students will start the New Year with digital learning devices!  The school is purchasing enough new Chromebooks for every student in the school to have one in their classroom.  These unique laptop computers will allow students to develop necessary keyboarding skills, learn technology skills applicable to the life-long learning, allow us to teach responsible use of the internet and promote the critical thinking skills which will serve students as they go forward in life!

     In addition the school will move towards a “paperless classroom” through the use of Google docs and Google classroom.  State mandated testing and our MAP Growth testing can also be done with far less distractions and loss of instructional time as each teacher can conduct the testing in their own classroom.

     Funding for the Chomebooks was obtained from State and Federal grants, a very generous donation from the HPS parent Council and individual donations from businesses and individuals.  The school is going to fund the remaining balance after all donations are received.  Should you or your business like to donate to the cause we are currently seeking funding for about 16 of the remaining 136 Chromebooks.  The devices cost $243 each which includes the software license and the extended warranty.  We have had a few donations to cover one or more of the Chromebooks and a couple of partial donations as well.  Just make a check payable to “HPS” and we will provide a receipt for tax purposes.  In addition we plan to recognize all donors with a special plaque in the school!