The students in Mrs. Wallace's and Mrs. Kuenzer's classes are working on a project to put their research and problem solving skills to the test in a real-world experiment.  Students will be designing a water purification system that includes aeration, coagulation, sedimentation, and filtration.  Before diving into the murky waters they need to clean, the students will take a virtual field trip to learn some of the science involved in the purification of water process.

     Students will work in teams to conduct research, brainstorm ideas, make drawings, construct a model of their system, and in the end test their system for its effectiveness.  Students will be evaluated and evaluate themselves using a STEM Task Rubric and a STEM Self-Evaluation Rubric.  Not only is this a great project involving real-world situations and collaboration with other students, but it is an excellent example of teachers collaborating together to enhance instruction!  I am looking forward to posting pictures as the project progresses.  Way to go Mrs. Wallace and Mrs. Kuenzer!