NWEA Testing

This year we will be replacing the Scantron test that students have taken
at HPS with a MAP (Measure of Academic Growth) Test from the Northwest
Evaluation Association. These tests are diagnostic tools to assist teachers in
developing specific instructional strategies to address student needs. The reasons
for the changes include:
 State law now requires all K-3 students to be administered an assessment
to determine reading ability three times each school year. The MAP test is
one of the State approved assessments.
 State law requires that teacher evaluations include a student growth component.
This means that student academic growth must be measured with an
approved assessment from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.
 The MAP Test provides meaningful data which can be used to drive instruction.
Teachers can use the results of the test to create more precise and
better learning plans for students to ensure mastery of the curriculum. The
MAP test will also provide students, teachers and parents with target goals
for students to attain from the first of the year to the middle of the year
and to the end of each year.
As we begin the testing, which consist of Math, Reading and English Language
Arts it is important for students to make their best effort. While it is
an intuitive test, meaning that as students answer correctly the difficulty increases
and then decreases as their answers are incorrect, we will not get any
data of value if students are simply guessing or clicking. Please be sure students
get plenty of rest, have a good breakfast and come to school with a positive
attitude about the testing. We have created a schedule which spaces out
the testing and students will only test two consecutive days at a time. Most
testing will be done in the morning when students are still fresh and alert. This
is designed be as unobtrusive as possible and also serve as a learning experience.