Dear Potential Sponsor,     


Hillsdale Preparatory School (HPS) is a K-8 public charter school, whose goal is to promote academic excellence, through a core curriculum of math, English/language arts, history, and science.  HPS provides a tuition-free classical education and small class sizes.  In addition to academics, Hillsdale Preparatory School prides itself on teaching its students to be good citizens and wants to continue to keep promoting sports and fitness not only in the students but in the community also.


The parent council of Hillsdale Preparatory School is organizing the seventh edition of the Patriots 5K run/walk race. Since 2018 our race has been a part of the Tri-County 5K Run/Walk Series and we are very excited about this accomplishment.


We are looking for your support to make this race even more successful.  Supporting sponsors names will be listed on the back of each shirt according to their size of sponsorships ($150 or above will have the sponsors’ logos).


This race will fulfill mostly two purposes:


1. To raise money for the improvements of the school’s programs

2. To recognize the local Veterans


The race will be held on September 14, 2019; it will start and end at Michindoh Conference Center.  All participants will be entitled to a T-shirt with the name/logo of the sponsors on back and a free pancake breakfast after the race. Awards will be given to females and males in different categories.


Please show your support by participating with any monetary donation or any other way you would be willing (cinch back packs with your logo, sports snacks, water bottles with your logo, visors, etc.). We will appreciate your donation to be sent to HPS Parent Council at 160 W. Mechanic Rd. Hillsdale, MI 49242, by July 26, 2019. If your donation is $150 or more please email your logo, if you haven’t done it already, at the email address provided below.


Thank you very much for your support,



Kattia Cabrera

Race Organizer

Hillsdale Preparatory School

(517) 398-3056