Advance Notice of Pesticide Treatment

Attention: Parents/Guardians of students attending Hillsdale Preparatory School:Hillsdale Preparatory School utilizes an Integrated Pest Management approach for pest control, employing non-chemical methods that include sanitation and exclusion to control pests. However, from time to time a pesticide ...

February Newsletter

January was a blast! We had all had so much fun with spirit week and loved seeing everyone's crazy outfits! Just in case you missed it we’ll give you all the scores and winners. On Monday we had crazy hair day which Heidi from 1st grade took 1st place. Our two runner-ups for Monday were Karina from ...




Yesterday, the 6th grade math class was able to create prime factorization with triangles. We also talked about jobs that use prime factorization and real life situations where you can use factoring. view image

about 2 hours ago,
Jordan Wallace

The 7th/8th grade team did well in the quiz Bowl competition. They were not only "rookies" in the competition, but they had to compete as an all 8th grade team. We will start preparing for next year on Monday ! Go Patriots!

4 days ago,
George Bauman

The first session of Quiz Bowl is over with the HPS 5th graders finishing one point shy of 3rd place! The 6th grade team finished 5th, just four points away from 3rd place. Both super jobs for our very first time participating and only having 6 weeks to prepare. Next year will be different!

4 days ago,
George Bauman

The 7th & 8th Graders are selling Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to raise money for their field trip to Gettysburg and Washington D.C. They will be selling 1 dozen of glazed doughnuts for $9.00. The money is due at the time of the order and the doughnuts will be delivered on Monday, March 26th. There will be a booth set up to order doughnuts at the Science Fair.

5 days ago,
Connie Kuenzer
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