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Where Classical Education Meets High Academic Standards

At Hillsdale Preparatory School, we take a more effective approach to education and the development of today’s youth. Instead of the core curriculum offered at most public schools, we provide much more flexibility in what we teach, and bring a student’s character development to the forefront! Hillsdale Prep aims to impart real knowledge and academic skills to our students to help them easily transition into, and achieve, higher levels of learning while becoming productive, responsible citizens of our country.

Modeled after the curriculum of Hillsdale Academy, our education methods begin with a classical core curriculum with the benefit of being tuition-free. Children are encouraged to actively participate in all subjects while learning in small classes of never more than 15 students. Our staff and administrators focus on personalized, one-on-one learning for each child to challenge them and instill a lifelong love of learning at an early age.

We also promote the eight pillars of character in all our students during their time at Hillsdale Preparatory School. They include: citizenship, cooperation, courage, integrity, honesty, respect, responsibility, and perseverance. Our passion is to help shape our students in a very positive, healthy way and send them onto greater educational endeavors as young people of both education and of substance.

Call Hillsdale Preparatory School today at (517) 437-4625 to speak to our administrators and learn more about the enrollment process.

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