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Our Mission

Hillsdale Preparatory School's mission is to create well-rounded individuals through the instruction of character traits and academic skills which foster life-long learning and the use of creative and analytical thinking to become respectful, productive citizens.

Our Values

We believe that...

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Education is not a "one size fits all" plan

That’s why Hillsdale Preparatory School creates a plan for every child.  Teachers understand their students’ strengths and challenges, what they need academically and socially and what strategies work and don’t work with your child.  These plans are developed with the whole-child in mind and information is passed on each year so that every student starts off the beginning of each year with success because they have a plan that works for them!

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Character education matters

Our staff models the Eight Pillars of Character that we aim to instill in our students: Responsibility, Honesty, Respect, Citizenship, Perseverance, Courage, Integrity, and Cooperation 

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Education should be joyful

From field trip to family nights, and even building-wide reading competitions where our Head of School visits classroom as a shark, our curriculum is designed to instill a sense of joy for learning in both our students and our staff.

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Individuals deserve to be celebrated and supported

We have a close-knit, small staff that is led by caring administrators. Our staff makes us who we are, and we do our best to encourage their professional and personal growth.

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Community is the backbone of a school

Small classrooms, frequent teacher-family communication, parent volunteers, and community events are fundamental of Hillsdale Preparatory School. We embody a school community that fosters unity, compassion and strength where students, parents and faculty have a strong bond. By working together and accepting one another, all members of the HPS community learn to build relationships that are centered on respect, trust and loyalty.

From our staff:

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You will not find a school that has a leadership more willing to stand behind its employees on a professional level, and personal if you should need it.


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It is nice to have small classrooms. This allows us to give students more one-on-one help that they need. We are also able to form close bonds with our students due to our small size.


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We come together as a team to support each other, learn from each other, and support our students in the best ways possible. I trust my coworkers, and enjoy the work environment!


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I love the staff relationships and the school atmosphere. Working in an environment where everyone is on board and has the same desire to really be in teaching to make a difference is important to me.


Life at Hillsdale Preparatory School

Current Openings

Hillsdale Preparatory School is a tuition-free, K-8 public charter school in Hillsdale County that has been serving students since 2001. The school is top ranked in the county for academics and offers small class sizes in all K-8 self-contained classrooms.  

Our focus is on providing students with a well-rounded education and quality character development.  Our curriculum includes a combination of classical values and modern instructional materials and practices.  These blend together to provide students with deep knowledge of content, while simultaneously preparing them for the future. 

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